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car alarms security

Vehicle Security

Car jackings are up 12.3%. Vehicle thefts? Smash-and-grab incidents? Over 100,000 car jamming incidents reported? Don't be a statistic.

Let us assist you protect your vehicle with cutting-edge vehicle security options. Layer your security From Smash-and-grab window tint, central door-looking, electric windows, car alarm jammer alarms, anti-hijack and immobiliser car alarms, gearlocks, satellite tracking and more.

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Car audio gps

Vehicle Navigation

Remember when we carried folded-up maps we could not unravel in the car?

It's tough to remember, but it wasn't all that long ago when drivers traded in their map books for internet maps and portable GPS devices. Now finding your way is easier than it's ever been with complete in-dash navigation and entertainment systems that can be installed into any vehicle.

Put a large-screen navigation device at your fingertips and plugged into the latest technology to help you get to your destination, keeping your focus on the road.


car sound audio

Car Audio

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the sound quality of your factory system, add more bass, or replace your factory speakers, we have a wide range of solutions to fit your vehicle and your pocket.

From aftermarket headunits with DVD, Bluetooth, USB and other great features, to amplifiers to translate your listening experience better, to subwoofers that reach those frequencies factory systems don't, to midbass and tweeters for that clean listening experience. Round it all up with sound deadening that will reduce the exterior noise infiltrating your cabin. 

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Car DVD & rear-seat entertainment

Remember the days of counting number plates on those trips to the coast? How about punchbuggy?

Research shows kids get restless 27 minutes into a journey. How long is that trip? Or the daily Joburg school-run?

Today's rear-seat entertainment options include DVDs and console games. Keep the kids occupied throughout the trip on movies, educational dvds or their gaming consoles while you concentrate on the road. 

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Car lighting upgrades

Most newer vehicles are coming equipped with pretty good headlight systems today using the latest technology from the HID (High Intensity Discharge) and LED industry. Unfortunately you usually have to purchase the higher end model to get these lighting upgrades. The good news is that you can go ahead and purchase the lower optioned vehicle and then come by and get that upgraded lighting option you wanted, for a fraction of the cost of what that upgraded package was going to cost you at the dealer. If your vehicle is currently equipped with factory installed HID's and you have a bulb that is bad, we carry a complete line of replacement HID bulbs for most factory systems at a much lower cost than a factory bulb is going to cost you.

Auxiliary/off road lighting has changed so much over the last 12 years. Halogen off road lights are pretty much obsolete thanks to break through's in LED technology. LED lighting has many advantages. The first being that you can get far more output with far less current draw in a smaller package. The other advantages are polycarbonate lenses, far less heat, vibration resistance, waterproof housings, dust proof, lighting color and the fact that LED lights look way cooler than a big huge halogen light. Stop by today and experience night time driving being a safer experience for you and your passengers.


ls theft through CAR JAMMING set you back 1,000s??

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Carjackings are up 12.3% according to 2014 #Crimestats. Car theft and hijackings. Are we still at risk? Look at our different options on Vehicle Tracking and get a big brother on your side.

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Is smash-and-grab tinting for you? Put a layer of security between you and the perps!


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Do you love listening to music? Is your car translating your music accurately for you? Check out our car sound solutions. We have a solution to fit your pocket and your ears. And we'll save you space too!